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Automated Reasoning

Our paper “Linear Resources in Isabelle/HOL” has just been published in the Journal of Automated Reasoning


    We present a formal framework for process composition based on actions that are specified by their input and output resources. The correctness of these compositions is verified by translating them into deductions in intuitionistic linear logic. As part of the verification we derive simple conditions on the compositions which ensure well-formedness of the corresponding deduction when satisfied. We mechanise the whole framework, including a deep embedding of ILL, in the proof assistant Isabelle/HOL. Beyond the increased confidence in our proofs, this allows us to automatically generate executable code for our verified definitions. We demonstrate our approach by formalising part of the simulation game Factorio and modelling a manufacturing process in it. Our framework guarantees that this model is free of bottlenecks.

    Smola, F., Fleuriot, J.D. Linear Resources in Isabelle/HOL. J Autom Reasoning 68, 9 (2024).