PhD in AI for Healthcare and Medicine: Are you interested in developing and applying AI techniques ranging from formal verification to machine learning to real-world health and care processes? Are you interested in Interpretable and Explainable AI for healthcare and medicine, where models are designed to justify their decisions? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, contact us. Funding may be available for good students.

PhD in Formal Modelling and Verification for AI: We are interested in supervising PhD students who wish to explore and develop the foundations of AI algorithms and approaches, e.g. machine learning (including Deep Learning) and logic-based learning, via formal modelling and verification. Candidates will need to have a strong  background in mathematics, interest in computational logic/theorem proving and experience in machine learning and other aspects of AI. Funding may be available for good applicants.

PhD in Formalised (Mathematics for) Physics: We are looking for research students interested in  the  formalization of foundational physics but also in its applications to the real world (e.g. robotics and autonomous navigation). Funding may be available for good students.

PhD in Workflow Management Meets the Internet of Things. The aim of this project is to research the integration of IoT data streams into different stages of the workflow lifecycle. This involves filtering, analysing, fusing and contextualising low level sensor data to generate high level event logs using both symbolic (rule-based) and statistical AI techniques. The project will be focused on the particular context of workflow management, including process mining, live monitoring, and conformance checking. Funding is available.