The Artificial Intelligence Modelling Lab (AIML) engages in a range of theoretical and applied research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Particular areas of interest include interactive theorem proving, formal modelling and verification, machine learning and its combination with higher level symbolic reasoning, as well as its application to healthcare and other complex, real-world domains.

Recent Events

Understanding Processes

Date: 22nd April 2022

In this talk I will give a high-level overview of my work on mechanising linear resources and process models. I will focus on what we can express and do with these models rather than how the mechanisation is set up.
Speaker: Filip Smola

In this talk, I will give an introduction to the current challenges in rehab, particularly the complexity in deciding the duration, intensity and type of treatment for frail and multimorbid patients.
Speaker: Konstantin Georgiev

Sensing and processing information about uncertain environments is important for survival in many types of collectives in the animal world as well as in human populations. In this talk, I will show how sensing enhancement from group sensing depends on different parameters, such as the rate of sensing, the rate of change of the environment, and the type of complex networks that defines the communication channels between individuals.
Speaker:Guillermo Moreno