FleuriotJacques FleuriotMy main field of research lies in AI Modelling, which spans areas such as interactive theorem proving, formal verification, process modelling, and machine learning and Explainable AI techniques applied to healthcare and other complex domains.
PapapanagiotouPetros PapapanagiotouAI for collaborative workflow management. This includes formal verification, process modelling, analysis and optimisation, IoT, event-based and distributed systems, and social machines.
Luna De FerrariLuna De Ferrari
Applied ML (broad and deep) and statistics for NLP and protein function prediction. Interested in DevOps, agile practices and software development coordination.
Romero MorenoGuillermo Romero Moreno
Interdisciplinary research in AI, ML, and network science applied to various areas, such as politics, health, biology, robotics, etc.
Ricardo ContrerasRicardo Contreras
Monitoring of dynamic compositions and data processing with focus on older adults.
MorrisImogen MorrisFormalising mathematical proofs, in particular from Euler’s Introductio, with the aid of the proof assistant Isabelle/HOL.
PalmerJake PalmerFormalising and verifying voting methods using interactive theorem proving in Isabelle/HOL.
ChevallierMark ChevallierFormal verification of machine learning algorithms and their properties.
GaeteJorge Gaete VillegasExplainable AI for healthcare.
VaughanJames VaughanApplications of ML and Network Theory in Automated Theorem Proving; Business Process Modelling and IoT.
SmolaFilip SmolaInteractive theorem proving and formal verification, with application to automatic differentiation, category theory and process calculi.
ZhengJiawei ZhengUncertainty in complex event processing, process mining, and conformance checking.
ramon fernandez mir Ramon Fernández MirInteractive theorem proving and convex optimisation applied to hybrid systems verification.
DeLongLauren DeLongArtificial Intelligence and medicine/healthcare.
JiZonglin JiArtificial Intelligence for the care of older people.
SchmoettenRichard SchmoettenFormalising Haag-Kastler Nets in Higher-order Logic.

AIML Visitors/Interns

Mustafa AbdelwahedMustafa AbdelwahedI am interested in topics related to Knowledge representation, automated reasoning, logic programming, and sequential decision-planning.
Matthew WhyteMatthew WhyteCombining logic and neural networks for formal verification

Masters Students

Scott O'DonoghueScott O’DonoghueInterpretable machine learning models with applications in critical care

5th Year Undergraduates (MInf)

Michal BaczunMichal BaczunBusiness process simulation
Dimitris ChristodoulouDimitris ChristodoulouActivity tracking and localisation using Wi-Fi data
MackenzieCarlin MackenzieDeveloping an online proof archive for formalized mathematics

4th Year Undergraduates (BSc)

Richard StansfieldLars WerneFormalisation of Newtonian Physics in Isabelle/HOL
Richard StansfieldDawson SilkenatFormalisation of Lagrangian Mechanics in Isabelle/HOL
Martin LewisMartin LewisWeb development for business process simulation
Michal SadowskiMichal SadowskiWorkflow execution and management

Recent AIML Alumni

Callum Abbott (MSc, 2021)

A causal investigation into the efficacy of subdural drains in preventing chronic subdural hematoma recurrence (MSc in Statistics with Data Science thesis prize)

Yefei Chen (MSc, 2021)

Designing checklists generated from process models

Qi Chen (MSc, 2021)

Delay visualization in process timelines

Mathis Gerdes (MSc, 2021)

Investigating causality in axiomatic Minkowski spacetime using Isabelle/HOL

Cyan Hou (MSc, 2021)

A web framework for negotiation strategies in multi-agent meeting scheduling

Shilin Li (MSc, 2021)

Incorporating cultural preferences in meeting scheduling applications

Alice Johansen (BSc, 2021)

Formalisation of proofs from Euler’s Foundations of Differential Calculus using Nonstandard Analysis (I)

Richard Stansfield (BSc, 2021)

Formalisation of proofs from Euler’s Foundations of Differential Calculus using Nonstandard Analysis (II)

Richard Schmoetten (MSc, 2020)

Axiomatic Minkowski Spacetime in Isabelle/HOL (MSc in Informatics thesis prize)

Colleen Charlton (MSc, 2020)

Interpretable classifiers for brain tumour prediction (Outstanding Informatics MSc thesis 2020)

Anita Klementiev (MSc, 2020)

Process mining techniques for modelling healthcare patients’ paths in the ICU/CCU

Yannan Huang (MSc, 2020)

Process analytics for the training of future doctors

Demetris Louca (MSc, 2020)

Analysis of process miners

Yaqing Jiang (PhD, 2019)

Machine Learning for Inductive Theorem Proving

Callum Biggs-O’May (MSc, 2019)

Investigating Brain Cancer Survival with Machine Learning (Outstanding Informatics MSc thesis 2019)

Kezhi (Bill) Chen (MSc, 2019)

Delay Analysis in Manufacturing Process

Ka Wing Pang (MSc, 2019)

Exploring Streams with Isabelle/HOL

Jessika Rockel (MSc, 2019)

Exploring Euler’s Foundations of Differential Calculus in Isabelle/HOL using Nonstandard Analysis: Logarithms (Outstanding Informatics MSc thesis 2019)

Simon Thorogood (MSc, 2019)

Predicting Transplant and Patient Survival Following Liver Transplantation using Machine Learning (MSc in Data Science thesis prize 2019)

Zuzana Frankovska (BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics, 2019)

Exploring Euler’s Foundations of Differential Calculus in Isabelle/HOL using Nonstandard Analysis: Geometric Series and Arcsine

Filip Smola (Summer Intern, 2019)

DigiFlow: Digitizing Industrial Workflow, Monitoring and Optimization

Kyriakos Katsamaktsis (MMath, 2018; Summer Intern, 2019)

Exploring Euler’s Notions of Orders of Infinity in Isabelle/HOL using nonstandard analysis (MMaths Project Prize 2018)

Nigel Hussain (MSc, 2018)

Business Process Modelling of Care Pathways for HIV Patients

James Vaughan (MSc, 2018)

Learning over Isabelle’s Dependency Graphs

Hristo Saev (BSc, 2018)

Developing a Social, Open, Peer Review Web Platform

Ruitao Yi (Summer Intern, 2018)

Formalization of the Backpropagation Algorithm

Steven Obua (Senior Research Fellow, 2014-2017)

ProofPeer: Collaborative Theorem Proving

Phil Scott (Research Fellow, 2014-2017)

ProofPeer: Collaborative Theorem Proving

Imogen Morris (BSc, 2017)

An Axiomatic Formalisation of Trigonometric Functions in Isabelle (BSc Maths Project Prize 2017)

Jake Palmer (MSc, 2017)

A Mechanized Investigation of an Axiomatic System for Minkowski Spacetime

Eirini Papakosta (MSc, 2017)

An Interactive, Web-based Platform for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Lie (Jessie) Ma (MSc, 2017)

An Interactive, Web-based Platform for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Daniel Raggi (Research Assistant, 2017)

Entailment Graphs in Isabelle/HOL

Alisa Dewanti (MSc, 2016)

Developing workflow-based guidelines for burns care in Scotland

Vanessa Hanschke (MSc, 2016)

A Social Machine for the Heart Manual Programme

Sebastian Schulze (BSc, 2016; Summer Intern 2016)

Evolving Neural Networks for Natural Deduction Proofs