AI Modelling Lab Members

FleuriotJacques FleuriotMy main field of research lies in AI Modelling, which spans areas such as interactive theorem proving, formal verification, process modelling, and machine learning and Explainable AI techniques applied to healthcare and other complex domains.
PapapanagiotouPetros PapapanagiotouAI for collaborative workflow management. This includes formal verification, process modelling, analysis and optimisation, IoT, event-based and distributed systems, and social machines.
Romero MorenoGuillermo Romero MorenoInterdisciplinary research in AI, ML, and network science applied to various areas, such as politics, health, biology, robotics, etc.
MorrisImogen MorrisFormalising mathematical proofs, in particular from Euler's Introductio, with the aid of the proof assistant Isabelle/HOL.
PalmerJake PalmerFormalising and verifying voting methods using interactive theorem proving in Isabelle/HOL.
ChevallierMark ChevallierFormal verification of machine learning algorithms and their properties.
GaeteJorge Gaete VillegasExplainable AI for healthcare.
VaughanJames VaughanApplications of ML and Network Theory in Automated Theorem Proving; Business Process Modelling and IoT.
SmolaFilip SmolaInteractive theorem proving and formal verification, with application to automatic differentiation, category theory and process calculi.
ZhengJiawei ZhengUncertainty in complex event processing, process mining, and conformance checking.
DeLongLauren DeLongArtificial Intelligence and medicine/healthcare.
JiZonglin JiArtificial Intelligence for the care of older people.
SchmoettenRichard SchmoettenFormalising Haag-Kastler Nets in Higher-order Logic.

Masters Students

Scott O'DonoghueScott O'DonoghueInterpretable machine learning models with applications in healthcare

Summer Interns